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    WeAdmire is a niche brand founded by Theo Stegers, based in Shoreditch, London.

    The concept of WeAdmire is basing the designs of their garments around things they admire, ranging from idols like Jimi Hendrix or George Best through to iconic objects like the Canon A1.

    They have a technical and unique method of producing t-shirts, making their products different to any other in the market. WeAdmire source the technical material Coolmax, which allows the body to breathe easier when wearing it. Coolmax is available to a limited number of businesses in the UK.

    They also differentiate their products through their method of printing, the process starts with the garment artwork been designed on a software and then been printed with an Inkjet printer on to thin tracing paper, a plain Coolmax t-shirt is then placed under a large iron press, dying the design into the fabric rather than printing over the top of it. This allows the print to be sharp and clear.