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    Harrison Woolley
    I founded Wisdom when I was 16 years old, from the floorboards up, in Brighton, UK.

    The simple things in life can often be the most beautiful.

    I believe everything you do should be done to the best of your ability and anything you make, made to the highest quality.

    It's not about reaching, it's about exceeding and you should make it your own.

    My desire is to build Wisdom into a ‘global happening’ for the like-minded, a society for my friends and my peers. I want to build a community of loyalty, creativity and diversity and our people collaborating.

    My ethos is built by the freedom of extreme sports, believing in creativity and the feeling of the mountain.

    I take responsibility for the quality of every last one of our products and appreciate all feedback.

    Always feel free to contact me personally - harrison@wisom-clothing.com.